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Al-Si Alloy Raw Materials

We not only provide silicon aluminum(Si/Al)alloy raw material,but also provide the final products which be composed of Si/Al alloy as base plates,electronic packages and auto parts.
  • Advanced Aluminum Alloys Powder

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    Advanced Aluminum Alloys Powder

    Novel POWDERS produced by our state-of-the-art rapid solidification process based on lower raw material cost for chemical industry.Read More

  • AlSi17

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    AlSi17, which contains 17% silicon, the content is a kind of hypereutectic aluminum alloys, widely used in automotive industry for cylinder liners and pistons etc.Read More

  • AlSi20

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    AlSi20 alloy, containing Si 20%, is widely used for auto parts.Baienwei rapid solidification AlSi20 has following advantages:Light weight;Wear-resistant;Corrosion resistant;High strength.Read More

  • AlSi25

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    AlSi25,is widely used for auto parts,for instance cylinder liners,pistons,rotors and brake discs.Advantages have low density,higher specific stiffness,fatigue resistance and readily machinable.Read More

  • AlSi27 (27%Si/73%Al)

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    AlSi27 (27%Si/73%Al)

    AlSi27 alloy is composed by the weight of 27% silicon,and is widely used in electronics packages field, for example, T/R modules, package lids, carrier plates etc.Read More

  • AlSi30 (30Si/70Al)

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    AlSi30 (30Si/70Al)

    Baienwei AlSi30 Si:30% High quality, Competitive price, Customized specifications are available.Read More

  • AlSi35 (35Si/65Al)

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    AlSi35 (35Si/65Al)

    We provide 35%Si/Al Alloy with low density, low CTE, ease of machining, dimensional stability.Read More

  • AlSi42 (42Si/58Al)

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    AlSi42 (42Si/58Al)

    AlSi42 alloy,aerospace material, for composition is Al:58%; Si:42%,and is widely used in microwave detection, semiconductor and satellite telecommunication industries.Read More

  • AlSi50 (50Si/50Al)

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    AlSi50 (50Si/50Al)

    AlSi50,it can be explained that Al-50%Si,due to excellent performance comprising adjustable CTE, low density, high thermal conductivity and good mechanical properties, it can be widely applied in electronic housings and packages.Read More

  • AlSi60 (60Si/40Al)

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    AlSi60 (60Si/40Al)

    AlSi60, which contains 60% content of silicon, Applications:Carrier in radar communication system;optical fiber shells in optoelectronic industry;Power amplifier housingsRead More

  • AlSi70 (70Si/30Al)

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    AlSi70 (70Si/30Al)

    AlSi70 is widely used in hermetic packages for telecommunication, military industry and aerospace.Application has T/R modules, sensor carriers, substrates and etc.Read More

  • Al-42%Si Alloy Laser Mirror

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    Al-42%Si Alloy Laser Mirror

    Al-42Si alloy is being widely used for microwave packaging for space and aerospace application and having the advantages of the close low expansion CTE suit to circuit boards and components,higher thermal conductivity,low density,hermeticity and ease of machine.Read More

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Providing with AlSi alloys free sample, BAIENWEI is one of the competitive controlLED expansion alloys, AlSi CE alloys, silicon aluminum alloys, same as CE alloys, spray forming manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to import customized products in stock from our factory.