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AlSi Alloy Brake Callipers

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  • Other AlSi Auto Parts

    Contact NowOther AlSi Auto PartsBaienwei is leading-edge company in the area of rapid solidification high performance AlSi auto parts.Cylinder liners,pistons,brake disc,connecting rods,rotors and blades,shock absorbers,valves,brake callipers,clutches and turbocha.Read More

  • Aluminum/Aluminum 7055 Alloy

    Contact NowAluminum/Aluminum 7055 AlloyAluminium/Aluminium 7055 Alloy,this new alloy was specifically developed for use in compression-dominated structures and provides advantages over alloy 7150 in compressive and tensile...Read More

  • Si-30Al Alloy For Microwave Carrier

    Contact NowSi-30Al Alloy For Microwave CarrierSi-30Al alloy can be used as carriers for telecommunications.Read More

  • Al-42%Si Alloy Laser Mirror

    Contact NowAl-42%Si Alloy Laser MirrorAl-42Si alloy is being widely used for microwave packaging for space and aerospace application and having the advantages of the close low expansion CTE suit to circuit boards and components,higher thermal conductivity,low density,hermeticity and ease of machine.Read More

  • Brake Callipers

    Contact NowBrake CallipersBaienwei offers reliable silicon aluminum alloys products and best service to our clients, the products improve client's productivity,ensure timely delivery and RoHS compliance.Baienwei supports our customer from design prototype sampling to mass-production.If you need special components,turn to us.Read More