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Customized 30 Si Al alloy

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  • Excellent Wear-resistance Si-35%Al Alloy

    Contact NowExcellent Wear-resistance Si-35%Al AlloyApplications: (1)Automotive (2)Engine block parts (3)Racing cars (4)Motor sports engine and chassis parts Product Description: Grade material: Si-35%Al alloy Main chemical composition: Al:62%, Si:35%, Iron:2%,Nickle:1% Heat-treatment: Condition ''O'' or ''F''...Read More

  • Al-50%Si Radar Package

    Contact NowAl-50%Si Radar PackageWide range of radar manufacturers prefer to choose Baienwei Co.,Ltd alloy materials featuring proven excellent EMI/RFI shielding,low thermal expansion coefficients(CTE),low density(less than aluminum) and higher thermal conductivity.Read More

  • Aluminum/Aluminum 7055 Alloy

    Contact NowAluminum/Aluminum 7055 AlloyAluminium/Aluminium 7055 Alloy,this new alloy was specifically developed for use in compression-dominated structures and provides advantages over alloy 7150 in compressive and tensile...Read More