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  • AlSi42 (42Si/58Al)

    Contact NowAlSi42 (42Si/58Al)AlSi42 alloy,aerospace material, for composition is Al:58%; Si:42%,and is widely used in microwave detection, semiconductor and satellite telecommunication industries.Read More

  • AlSi30 (30Si/70Al)

    Contact NowAlSi30 (30Si/70Al)Baienwei AlSi30 Si:30% High quality, Competitive price, Customized specifications are available.Read More

  • AlSi20

    Contact NowAlSi20AlSi20 alloy, containing Si 20%, is widely used for auto parts.Baienwei rapid solidification AlSi20 has following advantages:Light weight;Wear-resistant;Corrosion resistant;High strength.Read More

  • AlSi50 (50Si/50Al)

    Contact NowAlSi50 (50Si/50Al)AlSi50,it can be explained that Al-50%Si,due to excellent performance comprising adjustable CTE, low density, high thermal conductivity and good mechanical properties, it can be widely applied in electronic housings and packages.Read More

  • AlSi27 (27%Si/73%Al)

    Contact NowAlSi27 (27%Si/73%Al)AlSi27 alloy is composed by the weight of 27% silicon,and is widely used in electronics packages field, for example, T/R modules, package lids, carrier plates etc.Read More

  • AlSi17

    Contact NowAlSi17AlSi17, which contains 17% silicon, the content is a kind of hypereutectic aluminum alloys, widely used in automotive industry for cylinder liners and pistons etc.Read More